My Journey from a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry to Software Developer

by Arash Soheili
May 15, 2017

These days there a lot of people transitioning from other careers into Software Development and Engineering. There are some general themes in all of them but each story is unique and we can learn something from each of them.

One-click Deployment to AWS with CodeDeploy and BitBucket

by Arash Soheili
February 08, 2017

One-click deployment, it's the developer dream. Write code, test code and one-click deploy. But can it be a reality?

Developing Flask App Locally with Docker: Part II

by Arash Soheili
January 14, 2017

In this article we talk about how to setup our Dockerfile. These are instructions for setting up our server and installing the required libraries and application code.

Developing Flask App Locally with Docker: Part I

by Arash Soheili
January 08, 2017

When developing a new app, one of the trickiest part is setting up your local development environment. It's usually difficult to mimic your production server locally and because of that your run into issues when deploying.

Welcome to the Python Lab

by Arash Soheili
January 02, 2017

My name is Arash and I'm a former organic chemist turned software engineer. My transition from a scientist to a career in programming has been a challenging and rewarding experience.